Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Packing up "baby" things...and other "sniffle" moments

As I emptied the dishwasher today, I went for a plastic bag to pop the baby bottles into. Our littlest turned 1 last week - and, so begins the transition from bottle baby to... sippy cup baby. Now, I'm not a stickler to this. Especially when it would mean giving up those delicious moments of sitting quietly, babe in arms, snuggling for 5 whole uninterrupted minutes. If I could keep those moments... my girls would have bottle time til they were 12. {kidding} Anyway, as I tossed in bottles, lids and parts - I got kinda choked up. This isn't abnormal for me. I'm more emotional now in my life then I ever have been. It's an answer to prayer, actually, after feeling so emotionally dry for so many years...but, that's a whole other post. But, the lump formed in my throat as I realized just how quickly this last year went. My baby was growing - evidence not only in size, but, in this very act of packing away the beloved "bah, bah". Tears.

Yesterday was spent packing up clothes that no longer fit her little body, and busting out the 12-18 month clothes. More tears. Make the time stop!!! Seems the "mom pain" of heart flip flops is running at an all time high right now. My babies are growing. I rejoice and praise God for their lives and health...but, so fast to grow?
(pizza nite!)
In her own precious way August is still {and will always be} my baby. She isn't walking - and loves her permanent position on my left hip when we move around. With only 4 teeth she still likes me to soften and do some special prep for her food. When she does want to "stroll", she firmly grips my two pointer fingers and away we go. She needs me. Yesterday she was ill - woke up in a pukey mess. She was my lap baby most of the day. The crook of my arm was full of baby and I loved it. And if I look away I feel like she grows and changes that quickly. So I stare at her. I cannot believe we are at 1 year already. I cannot believe how much in love with her I am.

Thank you, God, for my time at home raising my babies. I know these are precious heaven sent moments for my heart to enjoy. I am beyond blessed.

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