Friday, July 13, 2012's a lazy Saturday

Around 10:30 last night I popped two Sinex pills. You know, the blue kind... basically Nyquil, only a different brand - I think Vicks puts this one out. I was super congested and had this weird tickle in the the throat...going on a few days. Needed a full nights rest so daddy's day off could be a fun filled one. So, meds down and off to bed I went.

My 3 year old woke up twice in the night in pain and after a Dr appointment this morning, it's confirmed, from an ear infection. I remember the first time feeling like I couldn't even open my eyes and somehow winding my way around our bed, down the hall and to girlies bed all with eyes basically shut. It's those amazing mom skills, I tell ya. Needless to say - the body didn't get the rest and it's almost in freak out mode because of how little sleep I got combined with those powerful pills meant to help me sleep. I tried to function normally when the kids woke up - but ended up sitting down on the couch with a spinning head - and falling asleep for a loooong time off and on. Brad just took care of everything while I dozed off and on. Crazy how out of control I felt. Could NOT wake up! I remember coming to for just a second and peeking out to see Daddy playing Polly Pocket with Ava... bless that man. :) But the point of this story is - wow, Sinex! you sneaky, sneaky, drug! Let's just assume I won't be going near those blue liqui-caps for quite some time. Clearly going to bed earlier and some nose spray would work 10x's better. Ahem.

It's around 2:30 Iowa time and the day has been just as snooze-ful and lazy feeling as it started. Brad and Ava had a Daddy/Daughter date to the pediatrician and Panera for lunch. Hubs brought home some Iowa sweet corn and stuff to grill later - bless him, again! I was even treated to a yummy Panera salad and a FREE Starbucks Refresher drink. Did you get yours? They are free from 12-3 today! Both girls are now napping and hubs and I are just enjoying the sectional in the quiet...with a little real-estate television on the tube. Million Dollar Listing just captures the imagination - we cannot believe the amount of $$ people spend on these HUGE houses!

Anywhoo, looks like the relaxation and calm will just carry us through the rest of this day. The house is tidy and a nice little rain came through earlier (I think) making it a leetle cooler. I'm thinking of busting down to the basement again later and continue turning it into a workout room. I got a lot cleared out a few weeks ago but still so far to go. I found a few more ideas on Pinterest that I'd like to use down there to make it more "pleasant".

Painting basement concrete floors 

"unfinished" basement.  So we need: throw rug, everything organized, tv and deep clean what can be cleaned. ugh. 
Floor painting, carpet remnant, and storage...those are the main ideas.
Painted ladder for hang-drying in the laundry room. 
Def looking to hang up an old ladder for clothes drying! 

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Hopefully you can get some {non-meds induced} rest this weekend! 

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