Saturday, July 21, 2012

From where I sit...

This morning my husband got up (early) with our children. Our eldest had been up multiple times with the random screaming...again. I was wiped out. Anyway, when I rolled over at 7:50am to a half empty bed and the chatter of girls downstairs - I was thankful. They had been fed, changed, and were happily playing with toys. It was lovely. We had a nice and relaxing morning of nothing. Hubs took a nap on the floor while girls played and I watched "I Love Lucy" episodes. That woman cracks me up!

When the baby went down for her morning nap I got to sit on our back steps and enjoy a cup of coffee with my husband. We need to do that more often. Connecting is so important. 

After a while we set to work doing some odd and end jobs that needed done. Our winter clothes finally got moved to the basement {grin} and I set to work sorting through toys. We have so many random toys... that really never even get a second look. I'm working on bagging them up for our event at church.

There was a lot of this...playing in the background.  :) THANK YOU Spotify! My big girl loved hearing some of the familiar songs she knows... and the other 100 she didn't. Ha :)
We had 7 grain pancakes for lunch - made by chef hubs! He is so wonderful in taking over those tasks that I usually do day in and day out. They were delish and we enjoyed our "lunch" around the dining room table. Special day!

I did a little Christmas shopping this week. TJ Maxx and Target has had awesome clearance deals on random items. Because everything seems to be going up, up, up in price... gifting will probably be scaled waaay down this year. And you know what, I'm excited about that. I was thinking of doing an "all natural" theme in the house this year - use lots of pine, ribbon and dried fruit as decor. Simple gifting would be wonderful :) The older my children get the more this phrase is making sense to me:

It's a good day today. I love my family and I'm so thankful for this laid back Saturday. :)

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