Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Homemaker Monday

Happy Homemaker Monday 

Good morning from Iowa! This morning I woke up wanting to turn on Christmas music... :) 
Instead, we had french toast while my children watched me sing and dance like a crazy lady at the stove.
It's Monday, after all, gotta celebrate the chance for a new week! 
Let's hop to it! 

The Weather:: 
High of 89 today - then we'll get two days of 86! I'm excited for the break in the HEAT. 

On my Reading Pile::
 "Julia's Last Hope" by Janette Oke 
"Strong Women Soft Hearts" by Paula Rinehardt

On my TV:: 
Some Disney Jr here for a bit. Then, it's going to be an "off" day. :)

On the Menu this week::
Monday - Beef & Ramen Noodle bowls
Tuesday - chicken enchilada bake & mexicorn
Wednesday - left overs day
Thursday - Chicken Chile stromboli
Friday -Penne with Zucchini & ricotta
Saturday - Taco baked potatoes
Sunday -Red beans and rice :)

On my to-do list:: 
-Continuing on with cleaning out and sorting the basement to turn into a workout room.
-clean the kitchen
-Laundry day!

What I am sewing, knitting, crocheting, or creating:: 
Creating this workout space in my basement is turning out to be WAY more work then I thought. We have so much random down there... sorting is taking an eternity. Looking to create some storage solutions and maybe painting one of the walls. 

But, something that IS keeping me excited... I started cleaning and wiping down the antique buffet I was given last fall. Murphys wood soap wasn't exactly cutting it - so, looking for some good options to clean this old thing and get it in paintable condition. My first furniture redo project!

Homemaking tips:: 
Saw an idea on Pinterest last week that I think we might incorporate... involving recycling. Our area provides HUGE blue bins to put everything in, which is great for outside. But we need something indoors so I don't have to go out every single time I have one can to toss. And, as much as I love the target bag hanging on teh door handle look...  I think THIS would be ideal to keep in a basement, entry space, etc. to create on our budget :) How to you keep your recycling tidy?
 Vertical recycling option for basement entrance.

Looking around the house::
Ava is playing Polly Pocket in the dining room, August is attempting to reach my dishwasher tablets under the sink {again}, living room looks...lived in. Blankets and toys and coffee cups prove we are alive and kicking around here. I'm loving my coffee table decorations of simple spanish moss and onion grass in a jar, tied with sisal. :) 

From the camera::
 Hubby serving the Lord in Haiti! In the words of one of our team members that went... "Impoverished people, powerful worship!"

On my prayer list::
Leading a devo tomorrow...feeling a bit "not good enough". Which is true - I'm not! But, the Lord sure can use us!

Bible Verse, Devotional::
Today I continued reading on through 1 Kings - now on the story of Elijah and Ahab. I love the portion of the story where the altar to the TRUE God is completely burnt up - and all the false prophets of Baal are executed! Justice! Do you believe we serve a REAL, TRUE, ACTIVE God? If not... go back to 1 Kings and remind yourself! :) 

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