Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's in THOSE moments

Yesterday was my 1 year follow up appointment with my physician. I was to fast overnight and get some blood drawn to make sure I was back up and running at 100%. After a weigh in {ugh}, height measurement, and routine check up type stuff we got into details. I'm tired. Always tired. I confessed to my Doc that even on the night when I get 9+ hours of sleep I still feel drowsy the WHOLE next day. Then she asks that annoying question, "Are you exercising?" Cough.Cough. "Um, well, you see... I just....no." And I go on to ramble about WW and how I lost 10 pounds right away and now I just can't seem to budge the scales and honestly I'm too tired to keep keeping track of every morsel I eat... and, the excuses just fell out. And her eyes glazed over listening. Ok, I'm being dramatic, but, mine would have if I were the listener. EXCUSES! 

So, we chatted about some ideas and she mentioned she'd like to test my thyroid, vitamin D, calcium and liver enzymes "just in case" something was wrong. But, current prescription is 30 minutes of exercise every day...and, to get more sun. Now, because it's been in the 100's here - I'll admit - we aren't getting our Vitamin D from the sun. No way. Other then that - I'm healthy. My stats are good and while I do still have extra weight I'm not out of the ball park. 

But let me back up to around 7am -ish the morning of that appointment.

I wake up early to make myself presentable, and, that takes time. I come downstairs with the 3 year old and get her started on a bowl of corn Chex. {her current fave because it's daddy's fave} As I walk by our glass front door I notice the neighbors across from us have put some kind of work out equipment near their curb. "hmmm...interesting" I think but then almost dismiss it totally because normally in our neck o' the woods "nice" items aren't put out - normally we see broken, beat up or junky items. But, since I'm reworking our basement into a work out room I take another peek, or, a stare actually - like a hawk, out our front door. We can't afford brand new items so it'll be up to finding used pieces to fill our space. Really, I'm fine with that! Add to the fact that I know next to nothing about work out equipment... it was going to be a gamble anyway. 

Hubby comes down with baby. I casually mention that he should go grab that machine. Hubby does not like "junking" or taking anything off of any curb. It makes him very uncomfortable. I don't blame him and will confess I have raised my eyebrows at people digging in others trash before... {blush}. So, I march over and check it out. It's still early and our street has no movement yet. I'm thankful for this. I turn it on and it seems to work fine - and, it seems fairly unused and it seems PERFECT for what I'm looking for. And it seems to be FREE. I march back and give the positive report to my still cautious hubby and I understand his point of view. Their trash would become our trash the moment it leaves their curb and comes to our home. You can't return trash. But, we decide it's worth the risk - and he goes to claim our new machine. 

The story ends like this.
Not only was this machine FREE for our taking. 

It's in perfect condition, clean, and hardly used. It's a small sized elliptical, which is exactly what I had been slightly praying for. And, it has safety features to protect nosey little girls who want to climb all over it. 
I was not surprised, though, I was so thankful. God always provides - why would I be shocked over this provision. He knows my need, my heart, my hopes. It's in THOSE moments when I creep another notch in my sanctification - glorying in Christ and His perfect plan for my family. We are blown away that the exact item we WANTED just sat for free directly across from our home on the exact morning that my Doctor would later look in my eyes and say, "You need to exercise". 

I hope to convince hubby to do a guest post on here later... about his side of this story. Seems he learned a great deal through this little early morning experience, too. 

Today I'm living with eyes wide open for those God-moments, they are everywhere if we just keep ourselves aware and awake. 

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