Thursday, July 12, 2012


I'm not a big heat girl.
I like my crisp, cool, fall days.
I love my rainy, gray, days perfect for baking and reading and all things calm and quiet. Brew the coffee, light the scented candle, turn on the soft tunes and the day is made for me.

One thing is holding true this summer - it's HOT. The only cool, crisp, anything, are freeze pops. And our occasional rain never lasts longer then 10 minutes and then it seems to be hotter and stickier afterwards. But, it's summer and such a great season to enjoy. I'm learning this. The rest of my family seems to be head over heels about the sweat-down-your-back weather, sometimes its contagious. Like today as I followed my littles around in the backyard watching them dig into life {and dirt, and dead bugs, and piles of rocks}. Sometimes I forget how much fun a simple back yard can be. No playground or fancy whatevers - just good ol' creation at its best, and driest, might I add. So...maybe there is more crisp after all :)

This morning we headed outdoors and spent most of the morning discovering the back yard. That wanna-be photographer in me came out as I kept finding pretty things on the "up close" feature of my dinky little camera. :)

Ava loves finding these. Takes my mind back to being her age and collecting them in a shoebox the WHOLE summer. Bless my mother for letting me keep the things. Not one will enter our home here :) 

Hide n' Go seek! I found her! 
The only "pretty" growing in our yard right now. But, we'll take it! 
Some serious Ant investigation going on right here. Augs gets really excited about bugs. 
Always wants to be like her big sister...
maybe in a few years, Augs. :) 

What a joy and blessing to be home with these precious girls and experience childhood all over again with them. I am so thankful today to be their Momma.

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