Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Homemaker Monday

This has been a great Monday, so far. I had dr's appointments and I just love both of the ones I saw. {nothing is wrong... just those once every year kinda deals} I was able to say "thank you" to Renee, one of the nurse practitioners who I credit with saving my life. She was the one who called and urged me to head to the ER last year after seeing my blood count come back SUPER low. Crazy. If it weren't for her urging... I would have probably just kept on "napping" with my 104 fever in my semi-asleep state. 

It's crazy, crazy HOT here. Last night our neighbors yard caught on fire. The whole front of her yard is now a toasty, black, burnt, mess.  Apparently a piece of smoldering charcoal from her grill (from the night before) was still hot and fell through onto the crispy ground. Weird. My 3 year old kept coming to me and saying, "mommy, Vicki's  yard is on fire" and I would shoo her away. Lesson learned - listen to your children outlandish tales...because they MIGHT be true!

The Weather:::
AWFUL. We haven't had rain or shade or coolness in FOREVER. We are in a drought and now farmers say food prices will go up, up, up - since corn and soybean yield is WAY down.
But...the Lord knows.  And, He has a plan!

On my reading pile:::
Going to start, "Tortured for Christ" by Richard Wormbrandt this week. Intense story {that's true} about a Romanian missionary tortured because of His faith in Christ!

On my tv:::
Gonna finish Pride & Prejudice tonight...Keira Knightly version.

On the menu for this week:::
Ugh. It's so hot - food doesn't even sound good. And, with a tight budget - neither does looking for food! I found a frozen ham in the freezer and turned it into a couple pounds of ground ham, and a bag full of ham cubes. Hoping to use those up the next few weeks! But as for right now this second... no menu plan.

On my to do list:::
General tidying.
Clean out fridge {and make up meals from that}
Continue turning basement into workout space
unload and reload dishwasher

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
Ah, nothing. TOO HOT PEOPLE. :)  

Homemaking Tips:::
Small children are GREAT for dusting baseboards, cupboard doors, and anything low. Yesterday I gave my 1 year old a small piece of fleece material and she WENT TO TOWN "dusting" any and everything she could reach. Actually, she did a great job! This also trains my little girls on how to be homemakers and take care of their space.

Looking around the house:::
All the condiments are left out from our cookout last night. 3 year old pulling 1 year old around in her princess chair while watching "My Little Ponies". Baseboards look lovely, though :) 

From the camera:::
Well, this morning we found an elliptical on our neighbors front curb. It's in great shape and still works - found this pic online! LOVE IT!  This is a pic I found online. 

On my prayer list:::
Got some blood work done today - praying it all turns out "ok".

Bible verse, Devotional:::
 2 Kings... stories about Elisha's life and miracles are AMAZING!

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