Sunday, July 8, 2012

On the night we aren't roasting.

It has literally been like a boiling pot around here lately. The temps have climbed in the 100's several days in a row with humidity to match - crazy, crazy, hot! I fear my cooling bill that should be arriving here any day. But, tonight... it's "only" 87. {sigh} It's wonderful. The air hasn't kicked on in at least 10 minutes.

It seems we are transitioning back to "normal" with daddy home now. The girls both have colds, which, is not my favorite thing, but, nothing a little Vicks and time on the couch can't handle. :) Tomorrow we'll start into a new week full of ministry, summer time fun, and cooler weather. I have a few things on my plate this week - presenting my first baby shower devotional on Tuesday night {eeek!}, church playgroup Wednesday, and then pedicures with a friend maybe this weekend! Whooo hooo! It's been a very long time.

I'm trying some new snacks with the girls this week that I'm pretty excited about. I found these little beauties in one of those super-healthy-organic magazines over the weekend - and, we are going to give them a shot! They were actually super affordable on Amazon. :)
Happy Times Yummy Yogis, Caramel Yogurt and Apple Bits, 1.1-Ounce Package 

Happy Times Crazy Crunchies, Freeze-Dried Carrot Apple Bits, 1.1-Ounce Package 
Anyone try them? What did your kids think? I'm by no means ready or able to jump fully onto the super-healthy-all the time-snacks train...but, I think this will be a yummy start. :) 

All this rambling... must be a Sunday night where we actually had nothing to do. Ah, summer, it can be so wonderful.

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Angie said...

We got a few rain showers last night that dropped our temps back down in the 80's too. Such a reprieve after all the 100 degree temps we have been seeing. Enjoy your cooler weather friend.