Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy Homemaker Monday

Happy Homemaker Monday 
Around 11ish last night my knight in shining armor got home! I was waiting for him on our front porch steps - fighting off every type of moth, bug, and creepy crawly whatever in the 90 degree mugginess. Aren't I romantic? All for that first glimpse and wave!  He's home. This Monday is going to be a good one. :) 

The Weather:: 
The heat wave continues and we'll be in the mid to high 90's all week. Some days there is so much humidity I can barely breath. We've spend LOTS of time inside with the AC on. :)

On my Reading Pile::
 "Julia's Last Hope" by Janette Oke 
Just started it last night! I'm flying through these old Oke books!

On my TV:: 
3 year old is laying on Daddy's lap watching, "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving"...In July. Hey, they are her favorite, so, it's ok.

On the Menu this week::
Monday - Chili slaw dogs and fruit kebabs
Tuesday - Chicken veggie salad
Wednesday - Grilling out! HAPPY 4th OF JULY!
Thursday - Philly meatball subs and sweet potato chips
Friday - Nothing planned, might use my Olive Garden gift card I got for my bday. :)
Saturday - Caesar chicken wraps and grapes
Sunday - Beef n' bean tostadas

Can you tell I'm cooking for adults again? :) YAY!

On my to-do list:: 
Oh, we are keeping it low key today and just connecting. I have some laundry to do {it is monday!} and I need to get to work on my "exercise room". :)

What I am sewing, knitting, crocheting, or creating:: 
Might pick back up on the baby blanket I started... a year ago. Otherwise, I'm currently sorting through all my decor and looking how I can transform them into "new" looking things!

Homemaking tips:: 
Unfinished basement? Me too. Our home was built in 1914 and since that time no one has finished the basement. It's a great open space {minus the bugs, random BLUE toilet, and heater right smack in the middle of the room} and I'm hoping to turn it into an exercise room. I guess you can paint cement floors and walls with special paint to keep moisture out! News to me! I guess my tip is... use what you got. :) I have an unfinished basement that would make a great room to work out. We can't afford the gym, we CAN afford doing dvd workouts in our super cool {temp wise} basement.

Looking around the house:: 
Hubs is sacked out on the couch despite a 3 year old sitting on top of him. Little toys here and here. Daddy's gifts from Haiti scattered around us. A few blankets thrown across the floor. My stack of magazines and finished Oke books piled on the coffee table. Kids books on the floor... we surely do LIVE here.

From the camera::
The girls are THRILLED to have Daddy home at last. It was all hugs and wrestles and kisses this morning. I don't think we even noticed it was WELL before 7am. :) And, another one from the camera - 
This beauty. So so happy daddy is home. She is acting completely silly and I'm so glad to see that in her again - I think she was really struggling towards the end of the week.

On my prayer list::
Continued growth post-missions trip for the team, hubs health - not feeling 100% upon arriving home, power outages in Ohio where my family is, weight loss for me {sigh}.

Bible Verse, Devotional::
Continuing on in 1 Kings - now reading about Rehoboam and the line of David in continuation. Amazing to me how the Lord uses such weak, sinful, vessels - just like me! For his glory!

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Sandra said...

Glad your husband is back :)

Hope you have a wonderful week, Happy Fourth of July for Wednesday :)