Thursday, July 5, 2012

Remember that one time I was in the hospital?

A year ago this week I was hospitalized. While no one knew exactly for sure what was going on... it was clear I was one sick momma. After being poked and prodded, plugged in, picc lined, and drugged, undrugged and redrugged again... I was sent home. 6 long days of hospital stay.

Right now this moment only one mark on my body reminds me of that time - my picc line scar. Just a small horizontal line on the inside of my right arm - where they placed the tube that went directly to my heart. I'm drug free, pain free, issue free and have been since the end of last summer. Always praising God for that!

While I haven't been dwelling on the past. It does come to mind. And sometimes the flood of emotion is almost too much. Tuesday night I sat with my little family under a black sky watching fireworks. With each pop and whizz I would tear up. This time last year I was watching fireworks on PBS in a hospital bed with a swollen face, void of my children and spouse. Alone. So this week I squeezed my three year old a little tighter as we "oooohed" and "aaaaahed" at the pretty lights above us. I marveled at my now walking, toddling, silly 1 year old - who at this time last year was a helpless 6 week old. Crazy fast.

I have to know and trust that the Lord will use that time for His glory...

This year I felt I had several reasons to give thanks and celebrate! Another year older, wiser, and hopefully another year to really enjoy this abundant life that God has given.


becky said...

praise God for His work in your life and your willingness to give him the glory for it, and enjoy each of life's precious moments. :)

The Sneaky Mommy said...

You know what I remember from that one time you were in the hospital? I remember how incredibly encouraging you were coming over and visiting us! I knew you were horribly ill and you still took all the energy to walk over! Thank you! :) (Glad we're both on this side of recovery, too!)