Monday, September 10, 2012

.:A little crafting:.

It's done!
My first home made fall decoration for this year is complete. Well, at least completely painted. I still need to sew it up and hang it up :) This weekend my girls and I had a lovely little craft time around our dining room table. While they were napping I made my way out to Hancock Fabrics to grab some burlap and paint brushes. I had a gift card! Thank you to my sweet friend, Krista, for such a fun birthday gift! On the way home I grabbed a Pumpkin Spice Latte {it was, afterall, in the 70's and felt very fallish} and on my way I went.

I only got a few minutes into crafting when the girls woke up. So, it became a family event. I set Ava up with some paint across from me - and, little sister is never far away.
 August is in an especially sneaky stage lately - it's adorable.
We got our craft on and I really enjoyed the time spent with my girls going crazy around me.

And there's a sneak peak at the work in progress :)
Pics to come soon of the finished project!
Crafting with my girls - it's for sure a whole new experience. Something I hope to do WAY more often.

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