Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Day Away

The fam and I headed to a local camp for an overnight getaway on Thursday. We have started up with fall ministry and the entire month of September has already filled up! My husband was wise to schedule our mini trip before the busyness caught up with our young family. Love him.

Our cabin in the woods was perfect. Serene. Had everything we needed...and then some.
It was a two bedroom, full size cabin. We had our own kitchen, living room, fireplace, bathroom {with jet tub} and enclosed front porch. We felt like royalty as we enjoyed the keurig, flat screen tv, leather recliners and humongous king size bed. The camp had taken such measures to ensure their guests were comfortable and really got rest.

I couldn't have asked for a nicer place to stay. :) And, once again my 3 year old felt like such a big girl as she got to sleep in a bunk bed. On top of the nice acommodations we got to enjoy the massive indoor pool and hot tub, walk the grounds and enjoy creation and play some in the gym. The girls loved running around {as you can see with August above}. Ah, we had a great trip. On the way up we stopped and had dinner at Pizza Ranch and the girls loved all the options. {never mind that most of us ended up getting sick later... ugh.} Perhaps the BEST part of all of this, aside from the time spent together, was that it was FREE. This camp serves Pastors and their families by allowing them FREE stay in the cabin. :) What an amazing blessing!

Last week we discovered that our bathroom had extensive water damage under the vinyl flooring. So we have an industrial sized dehumidifier and fan in their drying it out. It will take an entire restoration - involving ripping up the sub floor, reinstalling a new one, putting down new vinyl, and trim and then painting. We've already had some plumbing done and there is a lovely large hole cut in the back of the shower - where a leak was found.  We have been amazed at the skill and care that the team who is helping us out has shown. The Lord has given me a great peace and while I know it will cost... that He will care for us!

This coming week we will attend the funeral of a precious 4 month old who has gone to Jesus. She lived 133 days in the hospital and now we mourn her loss - though we rejoice she is pain free and perfect. My mom heart has been all over the place grieving and feeling the hurt for this young family going through the loss. Yet, I realize, that as the body of Christ - we are all feeling the loss. That's what a family does. 

All this to say...The Lord knew we, as a family of 4, needed a night away together to regroup and prep for the ministry that is placed before us. I praise the Lord for how He constantly provides and cares for us - and I'm so thankful for places that take such care of Pastors and their families.

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