Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Homemaker Monday

Let me set the tone of this day for you... from where I sit. It's in the upper 60's, raining, gray, and you can see the faintest tint of yellow starting to show up on some of the leaves. I have an apple cinnamon candle burning in our kitchen, and the cider and cocoa packets came out at lunch time. Blankets were rolled up and put in the blankey basket near the end of the couch, some autumn decor is up, and my kids are now asleep.
I couldn't enjoy this more. Happy Monday!

The Weather :: Upper 60's, and I hear a rumor it will stay this way most of the week! Woot Woot!

On my reading pile :: Started Nancy Guthrie's, "The Wisdom of God" book for our church's ladies bible study. Super good! Finishing up: Strong women soft hearts, made to crave, and still working on some Nook books as well.

On my TV :: Off and lovely. However, I am asking hubs to bring home his computer so we can try and watch Downton season 3. Unless I totally missed it!

On the menu::
Monday - Ground beef and something. {gotta use up some leftovers before shopping}
Tuesday - Crescent Chicken squares
Wednesday - Cheeseburgers
Thursday - Buffalo chicken sandwiches and sweet potato tots
Friday - Steak and tater soup with rolls
Saturday - Autumn pork roast with sweet potatoes
Sunday - Left overs

On the To-do list:: Laundry and some general tidying. House is super clean from being gone and having company over last night. Print some preschool stuff for the big girl and I to start on.

What I'm sewing, crocheting, creating :: Finished my pinterest project of the candy corn burlap banner! Now looking for some orange buttons to make the button pumpkin in the frame.

Homemaking tips :: Vinegar. White vinegar. I've always heard about it...but always doubted it in exchange for my chemicals! Ran out of windex this weekend so I used vinegar instead and WAY cleaner, smells better, and just felt better about the whole experience! Might be time to put the blue chemical away and buy an empty spray bottle for my new fave!

Looking around the house :: Dining room chairs all out in the living room from our post-church guests :) Toys here and there. Very dark inside thanks to this lovely rainy day :)

From the camera :: Ladies night with some of the most amazing women I know :)

On my prayer list :: Youth ministry. My husbands car died this afternoon and now we for sure need to buy a new one - with little money saved. Bah.

Bible Verse, devotional :: Loved the reminder of Christ as our mediator, the propitiation for us - He bore all the wrath of God in my place! Praise the Lord!


Sandra said...

It's so hard when you have to get a new vehicle and aren't exactly prepared for it. We had to do the same thing a few months ago.

Hope you have a great week :)

Sherry Bibliomane said...

I love using white vinegar too! It works great in the little "jet dry" area of a dishwasher to remove spots!