Friday, September 7, 2012

September is here - Thank you Lord!

Does anyone else feel like the end of July and all of August just kinda dragged on and on? Maybe it's just me. Anywhoo, September is here! Right now my dining room table is covered in every fallish decoration I own. I always love spreading them out and trying to think of creative ways to display them. I'm still not sure, so they still sit down there. I did get a wreath on our front door! 

This morning I got up before my family, went down and drank some water {trying to do a full glass before coffee}, made a cup of coffee, threw some clothes in the dryer,  and then headed to my porch chair. It's the first day in the 70's and I hear we have another one coming tomorrow - wooot! 

I'm reading through a little devotional type book called, "Moments of peace for the morning". It has beautiful pictures of nature and what not each paired with a devotional and some scripture. Super simple and perfect for 10 minutes first thing in the day. 
This morning the topic was on remembering what Christ has done and teaching it to our children. I love what Deut. 4:9 says - 

 "However, be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you don’t forget the things which you have seen with your own eyes. Don’t let them fade from your memory as long as you live. Teach them to your children and grandchildren."

Moses was speaking to the children of Israel and wanted the point to be heard that THEY MUST tell their kids about what they see God doing in their lives. They couldn't forget how He had provided for them, led them, taken care of them... 

And that good word is still for us today. I think maybe even more so today because we don't always get to follow pillars of cloud and fire, see burning bushes or watch people cross over on dry ground seconds after watching a SEA part! Ok...we NEVER see those things.

Today I'm challenged to be intentional in speaking about Christ in our home. "Thank you God for this beautiful, cool, day." Reminding Ava that every interesting thing she finds outside has a creator, God! Praying out loud when something comes to mind - or just pausing to talk about how the Lord has worked in our own family. My children are 1 and 3 and a deep theological discussion is not yet necessary - but these little reminders here and there DO stick with them.

Because the thing is... just like Israel - our memory fades, and we forget to give thanks and praise to Whom it's due. We forget to glorify and we forget all the Lord has done for us. 

September is here! Praise the Lord! And, explain to your children why we celebrate a new season and what God has done in the season past. 

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