Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Slight distraction

It was supposed to be, "Clean up the bedroom" day for this Momma. Our bedroom never seems to feel like anything more then a giant laundry hamper - blah. For the majority of the morning I cleaned, folded, put away and sorted - while the little girls played, wrestled, giggled and dressed up. But apparently, after so long, play between sisters gets old and they need something new to do. So as I turned to put yet another stack of folded clothes neatly into my drawer - I found... well, my Auggie. :) She makes me smile. Just a little tiny thing chillen' in my bottom drawer, happy as a clam. And even though I had several more things to fold and sort and put away... I figured, that was probably good for the day - and we went downstairs and did something else. Slight distraction.

It must be in the air to be random today. I've read several friends posts and they are all feeling random and sharing lots of fun different things - and I plan to do the same. :)

Upon checking my email this afternoon I was reminded that comfort food season is quickly approaching. {standing ovation} Panera let me know this was back - their fall soups are...amazing.
And, I read they now offer a PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE. Hmmm... yes, I think I will! 

This afternoon our toilet got put back into our bathroom. We've been out of commission for a whole day - which - makes life interesting, to say the least. The new vinyl floor is down and we'll have some sheet rock put in behind the shower tomorrow. Then it's time to paint and decorate! Hubs even suggested "finally getting this room decorated" yesterday. :) I've been scouring some websites looking for deals on a new shower curtain, bath mat, wall decor, and storage ideas. We shall see how this goes down. 

Tomorrow night hubs and I head out on our annual youth leaders retreat with some of the coolest people I know. Seriously, we have the best youth leaders! I'm looking forward to time playing volleyball, swimming in the ginormous pool, walking the camp grounds, and enjoying some camp food! It's just an overnight trip - but - has such a lasting impact on our team for the whole year. This year we have 5 married couples serving {along with our wonderful singles}and hopefully soon we'll be able to start meeting together for some small group time. Really looking forward to the new relationships. God is so good! 

It's a cool, gray, rainy type of day and I love it. My children have been sleeping all afternoon and I scrubbed all the windows and doors down with vinegar. Feeling like a super mom today. :) It's the little things, right? 

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Amy@My Front Porch said...

I think we should meet for lunch at Panera someday soon :) Our hubbies do it, right? ;)

I'm glad to hear your toilet is back in commission -- what did you do without out it?!?!?

And looking forward to hearing more about how you decorate -- that's the fun part, right?