Saturday, January 25, 2014

Found on the Web

Friday afternoon the mail lady dropped off our stack of mail into our mailbox. I hadn't checked it in two days because it's been so cold, and I knew it would be bills... so why rush, right?  But upon sorting through the mail I came across a stack of coupons from our local paper. Admittedly, I've been pitching them right away as they just become clutter {that I might use later...} and I'm kicking myself 3 months later when they are all expired, wasted, trash. I used to be quite the coupon-lady, had a whole system down, deal shopped, etc. Now a-days I can score such low prices with just my Aldi visit and supplementing with our local store. So, unless its a coupon for something FREE - it's trash.
Anyway, while leafing through the coupons I came upon this blessedness....

These, folks, are called Cardigan Slipper Socks. And they can be purchased for $12.99. By way of the coupon offer of course. The description goes on to talk about how they are not only a slipper but a house shoe AND an outdoor shoe. Not to mention the cardigan top can remain up or be rolled down per your fashion needs. Obviously, I'm sold. 1) I hate having cold fee  2) I hate feeling crumbs on my floor  3) I love slippers.

Ok, I haven't bought them... yet. But, I'm hanging on to this coupon mail in order. :) And, for those more web inclined - you can find them at

While web surfing this weekend I also checked out this site full of yumminess. Azure Standard.

A gal at playgroup this weekend mentioned how she was able to get 20lbs of organic apples for $20! That's a fantastic deal and knew I wanted to check it out. It's an easy to search site and I'm hoping to make a list of true needs and maybe jump on board. Anyone else heard of it?

And while not nearly as healthy or necessary... maybe you didn't know that Yankee Candle is having a last chance 60% sale on some of their candles. I have burnt right through my autumn and Christmas candles - so it's a great time. I chose two and cannot wait for the UPS man to show up with them!

Doesn't that make you want Spring RIGHT NOW?! 

Happy weekend to all! Happy web findings, too!

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