Friday, January 3, 2014

WINNER of the giveaway and...let's talk weather.

on winning the giveaway this week with this comment : (chosen by

Blogger becky said...
Letters to Pastors Wives. Because, well...I'm a pastors wife and can use all the help, guidance and wisdom I can get. Aside from that, this other very godly mother/pastors wife whom I admire recommended it to me. It woould be fun to win...thanks Mandi, and Happy New Year! Looks like God has some exciting things in store for you and your family this year! Thanks for being a blessing to me...even over all the miles! <3 i="">
Becky, your book will be shipped out next week, congrats again! Thank you to everyone for joining in the 2014 fun! Hoping to do more giveaways in the future :) 

Now, I don't know what it feels like where you live, but here in Iowa it is bitter, bitter, cold. I think last night it was -6 and I can hear our heater run and run. Wow, what a blessing when you stop to think about how important a warm home is. And beds, clothes, coats, etc. Trying to hard to teach my children to be thankful even for those things! 
We have been sticking close to home as its really too cold to go anywhere, but lastnight we ventured out as a family to the mall. The girls had some cabin fever and I had some Christmas money to spend :) I think several families must have had the same idea because even at 7pm the playplace still had several kids in it! 
I learned a lesson about myself - I'm not stylish. I purchased some of those tall boots that you see everyone wearing... you know, cute, tall, sleek. Only, I got home to realize in order to wear cute boots you have to have cute clothes to wear with them. I'm not a leggings, long sweaters, etc. kinda girl - more, jeans and cardigans. At first I was discouraged but came to realize that this is OK. It's ok to not dress and look like everyone else. I tell ya, even at 31 years old I still go through these "high school" phases of thought. Perhaps a life long battle? So, back to the mall we will go today to make another return. It was fun to pretend...but this momma needs something much more practical. :)
Stay warm out there today! And have a wonderful weekend! 

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Anonymous said...

Don't return them! That's all I wear my tall boots with - jeans (skinny) & cardigans. I'm sure you'd look super cute!