Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mid week Happenings.

Compared to most weeks I'm feeling a little more laid back today. A glance at my planner this morning reminded me why - it's a "Slow" week and for that I am thankful! I so enjoy every little and big thing we are a part of, but it makes the slow weeks even more appreciated. And since my pregnant body seems to need more sleep then ever... it's all good to slow down and rest.

I have had time this week to really sit back and ENJOY my children. They are hilarious. My two year old is all about dress up there days. She takes it so seriously and it's all I can do to convince her to put real clothes on to leave the house. I love this pic of her from earlier this week - dress up dress, legos & a pretzel rod. Being 2 is so much fun!
Yesterday we headed downtown, which the girls enjoy. I had to make the sad visit to say goodbye to my OB office {change of insurance}to sign medical records release forms and just about the only thing that could cheer me was a VITO. Oh you know what I'm talking about... The Vito, from Jimmy Johns. My girls agree - it's our favorite "fast" food. :)
What is it about that place? I could seriously have the exact same thing, from there, every day of the week. I had my first pregnancy induced "second lunch" the other day, and it was JJ's. :) Guess I'll add that to my weird pregnancy facts sheet for this babe - craving meat and italian dressing. Who knew?! But anyway, we had such a nice lunch together and they were dolls. August, always working the crowd, even stood up to dance along with the song on the radio at one point. Those downtown business men didn't know what was going on and I just had to laugh. :) 

After lunch we spent some time at the library and, if I let them, my girls would stay there for hours. They love looking at all the books, puzzles, computer games, and movie selections. I let them choose a Shirley Temple movie (their fave right now) and we've now watched "A little Princess" 3 times. {sigh} Nevermind all those books we checked out about snow....

We spent this morning at our church working on childrens church crafts - a new(er) thing I've picked up to do every week this month. I enjoy it and the kids always look forward to playing with other toys while there. What a nice few days we've had.

This afternoon I've been working on this shelving unit for the new BIG GIRLS room. It's almost done! While not nearly as nice {or sturdy} as the Ikea shelves I wanted... it was in the budget, easily accessible and will do the job. Now that the girls are getting old we are starting to have more "sets" of toys - Minnie's Bowtique alone takes up an entire cloth bin! And don't even get me started on the Our Generation doll clothes/shoes/accessories. :)  And I have a feeling Lego's will be more in our vocab once big girl hits kindergarten this fall. Eek!
A friend mentioned she has FREE bunk beds we can have, that will just need some paint, and then all we'll need is a full mattress. I'm excited to put their new room together...and yet, a little weepy about moving my baby out of the crib in time for the next one. Especially because my baby sleeps 4 hours in the afternoon! I know that won't happen anymore, boo!

Wednesday. Our last calm day before a busy weekend.
I'm enjoying every minute! What does your mid week look like? Got any fun plans or to do's?

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becky said...

Hannah and I just watched "the little princess" together over Christmas break. She had a Lego Christmas an it sounds like I'll be planning a Lego friends themed bday party for her bday in March. Where do you find the time to do your furniture re-do's? I'm thinking I'm going to have to start scheduling my projects in :). Love hearing about your adventures :)