Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy Homemaker Monday

It's another Monday and despite staying up a bit too late and then sleeping in too late, I've actually gotten a good chunk of things done today! But we all know for homemakers that it's never really done :) Happy Monday to you! 

As I look outside my window:::
It is so amazingly SUNNY this afternoon. My neighbor is busy cleaning her windows and I'm feeling like...should I be doing that too?! Who knows when we'll have this much sunshine again. 

Right now I am::: 
Drinking my tall glass of ice water, enjoying the quiet while my children sleep.  

Thinking and pondering:::
I have so much to do before June when our new baby arrives. Working on laundry earlier down in our basement reminded me... another purge is necessary. Bah! Where does this all come from?  

On my bedside table:::
Good news! I set up a bedside table this weekend :) Ha! On it I have a New Testament and a year of devotions book by Colin Smith. Great reading, one for each day (or night in my case). 
Cover art

On my tv tonight:::
Nothing planned. 

Listening to:::
The quiet...but really the obnoxiously LOUD hum of this desktop computer. I'm dreaming of a lap top someday. :)

On the menu for this week:::
Monday - Mac n' 7 cheeses & sauteed sweet peppers. 
Tuesday - Mexican Lasagna (never got to make it last week)
Wednesday - left over night :) 
Thursday - Green Pepper Steak
Friday - Chicken Burritos
Saturday - Mini Meatloaves & mashed potatoes
Sunday - Hamburger Noodle Bake
*all my menu this month is from the Gooseberry Patch cookbooks :) 

On my to do list:::
Two-ish more loads of laundry & a quilt
Clean the microwave out
Put away allllll the clean clothes
Find ONE MORE dr on our new insurance plan

Plans for this week:::
Ballet kicks back up tonight for my 5 year old! 
Cell group tomorrow, youth on Weds, New Peds appointment on Fri. 
Working on a picture wall in our family room. 

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
Well... We have this HUGE family room (formerly a garage) that we are daunted by how to decorate. Hubs has the idea of putting up a big picture wall, so I'm on a mission to order, print pics, find frames, etc. 
NEED to start Valentines decor asap! 
My simple pleasure:::

A quiet conversation with my husband in our front room, both with a mug of hot coffee, first thing in the morning.   

Lesson learned the past week:::
Flexibility is key. Ongoing lesson... 
We were able to host our cell group last week and it was such a joy to just be go with the flow... let kids play...people munch on easy snacks... and a good time in the word. If I were uptight about my unclean master bathroom upstairs, my heart would have been out line.   

Looking around the house:::
Doing good today! Piles of clean laundry ready to be put away, dishwasher done and ready to unload. Kids were pretending today using my pots/pans and every available blanket - but I might let those go today :) 

From the camera:::
Youth Ministry! A pic of hubs and I... and some of our amazing teens last weekend at winter retreat! Love them. (I'm in the red...barely able to button my coat now :) ) 

Prayer List:::
Making decisions on new dr's with our new insurance. Stresses me out.
Friends with new babies! 

Bible verse, Devotional:::
Loved this little quip from a book I'm reading, about hospitality...
"God's gracious leading has taught me that having people in our home does not require serving up perfection on all fronts. It is simply providing a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere of kindness without expecting anything in return." -Shirley Rankin, Letters to Pastors Wives


Tori Peterson said...

I'm doing a purge of my children's toys this week. I have no idea how they have SO MANY. And I need to purge some clothes as well although I'm trying not to think about that until next week. haha
Here's to wishing you a great week ahead!

Tori Peterson said...
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Conny said...

we moved this summer and PURGED everything ... and somehow it is time to do it AGAIN (crazy how that happens!!).
We also just got on insurance (didn't have any before!!) and the doctor search (in a new city even) is daunting. May God guide you in it all.