Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Playroom. {Aka: Where all the bad toys go.}

As I'm writing this post I keep thinking of the scene in Toy Story 3 where the characters find out for the first time just what classroom they are really in. Hint if you haven't seen it: It's NOT the one with the "nice" children. :) Poor Mr. Potato head. Ah, toys... great for kids, slightly irritating to this feeling-chaotic momma.
So anyway, the Lord has given us this great home and we so enjoy being here. I've shared before my home-body-ness, but it goes beyond that really. I love opening our home to people: teens and youth leaders, friends for dinner, bible studies, babysitting, etc. Having a home is a gift to be used and I mean that! We are by no means the nicest decorated or organized, but we are rooms full of love and I think that's really all people need anyway. And maybe some coffee. Yea, def some coffee. 

One of the biggest blessings of this particular home is the extra finished space in our basement. We've never had a place we could even label "the toy room", nonetheless a place that could also pass as a guest landing space. It's awesome! My goal before this baby comes is to transform the drab ol' boring space into something lovely for my children and any potential guests we could have. Pinterest (of course) has several good ideas out there for a combo room like I'm thinking. 
stuffed animal zoo idea we so need this
If this doesn't end up in the playroom... it WILL be a feature somewhere in this home. The stuffed animal situation is out of control. Hmph. But in all seriousness - containing the toys is the main point. 
I loved this room for several reasons: the colors, the play options, the organization.
EveryDay Blessings: DIY Colorful Bunting Banner and other Playroom Decor
It seems like it should be so simple right? Organize the toys, throw up some paint, make it cozy. But see... I get to our space and it's plain and drab and I lose the vision so we settle for dress up clothes on the hanger and call it a day. Ha! 

Here's what we have to work with - 3 views.
looking in from the door

looking on from the closet

looking towards the door from the back wall
Isn't this such a great space potential? So I'm on a mission to make it extra special! 
And the space outside of this room would even be great with some love. Right now it's a make-shift craft station. I'd love to throw my desk down there and use the space to work near the children while they play.
I was thinking it might be cute to display some of our fun family pics down here. Loved this idea of using the "out takes" of photo shoots. We never seem to have a shortage on those. 
For the "gallery" or "photo cluster" above the couch... The bright vivid realistic pictures are the inspiration..instead of the routine sit and pose pics.
And I loved the diy cornice idea for our two small slider windows. I have a friend who made these once by wrapping up shaped pieces of styrofoam. Seems easy, right?
playroom windows - two. Valance underneath?
The challenge has begun and I guess it really just starts with PICKING a paint color and then running with it. I'm all ears if you have suggestions or before/afters of what you've done. Hoping to have a before and after to share with you... before June! :) Happy Homemaking today, whatever your task! 

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The Sneaky Mommy said...

I love all of your ideas! You have such an awesome space to work with, too! So happy for you guys in your new home!!