Tuesday, January 7, 2014

That's Bananas!

If you aren't from 'round here you may not know that the entire state of Iowa is in a panic as we endure this ARCTIC VORTEX that's hovering over the midwest. We had a high of -34 (windchill) yesterday, so today's 11 feels almost balmy. And all the Minnesota-ians are rolling their eyes, Ha!

I'm kind of a cold weather gal, myself, and don't mind the cozy days "stuck" at home. Recently I almost wonder if I'm becoming some kind of introvert... then I remember I'm really not. I just adore being home, always have, probably always will. So, yesterday I fired up the oven and set to work on making all things delicous with the mound of blackening bananas I had acquired. It was a win-win really. Win because the warm oven lended to a warmer home, and another win because YAY banana brownies, banana bread and (today) cinnamon swirl banana bread. Plus, triple win...smells amazing. I'm thrilled with how each item is turning out, especially the bread - I shouldn't be surprised as it's Martha's recipe :) Today I'm sharing links with you so you can try it yourself.

First up, banana brownies. These are great for you choco-banana lovers like me :)
Banana Brownies Recipe
I love that they were simple and it's a smaller recipe (think 8x8 pan) so I'm not tempted to eat an entire 9x13. Hey, it's happened. You can find the link to this recipe here. You won't be disappointed! 

Then there's THE ultimate over all banana breads in my opinion. Martha's. :) 
MArtha Stewart Banana Bread - Just Plain old Banana Bread - This is hands down the best banana bread I have ever made and one of the easiest!  Thumbs up!
It has a semi-crusty outside and amazing, soft and chewy inside. I don't how that's possible, but I love eating it. It has sour cream in it which can be subbed in with greek yogurt or something I'm sure. It took about an hour and some minutes to bake but was well worth the wait! This gal featured it on her blog and it was a happy find for me. Find the recipe here

Today I'm working on this beauty...cinnamon swirl banana bread. what?! And yes I am really that excited and yes it appears my appetite has resurfaced. :) 
"Lovin' from the Oven" is where you'll find this jewel. Anything with a cinnamon-ey topping like this is a gold star in my book :) Click here to drool... I mean, find it. 

And last on this banana's day (hehe) I feature my afternoon snack. It's simple, yummy, and quick. It's really another one of those win-win-win things I'm all about right now. And, it uses up even more of the banana mound. PLUS, it was featured in Fitness magazine, so....there. Check it here
Blend a banana, milk and peanut butter for a healthy #breakfast you can take with you.

I think I'm down to 5 or 6 bananas left over now (oy!). What do you make with your going-bad bananas? Any tips or tricks? Have a great day and praise the Lord for our warm homes and yummy treats! 

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Patty said...

Those recipes look great! I'm going to try the brownie one!
Thanks for sharing.