Monday, August 1, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays - #11-20

My heart is brimming to full this morning as I write out my "One Thousand Gifts" - only, #11-20. Hubs is home after a week in Michigan and there is something so RICH and so FULL about being a complete family again. So my list today is my what I see in family. We spent an entire day yesterday at our local "amusement park" with dear friends... I treasure these memories. The pictures are just small glances into our day. Friends and family is my theme of thanks.

11) Girl and daddy under the green afghan just this morning, playing with stuffed monkeys. Giggles.

12) Egg sandwiches with melty cheese for breakfast & the time to actually sit and eat it!

13) Nowhere to go, no pressing needs this morning

14) Napping 11 week old - both at home, and at the park so we could enjoy the day!

15) Friends that love my children as if they were their own

16) Laughing on roller coasters like teenagers... with the same dear friends

17) New experiences through the eyes of my 2 year old

18) That first sweet kiss from a husband that was gone all week

19) Feeling "Safe" while I lie in bed - knowing husband is home

20) A very messy home... indicating daddy is home, unpacking, and there is so much to look at, so much to catch up on and somehow a clean kitchen floor isn't so important :)

Give thanks!


Deborah said...

Visiting you from Ann's post. I always like to pop in and visit a few who have posted near mine. Isn't # 15 the best. They always love them, even when they have grown. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

Love your list, especially the last one. Messy floors can wait, family can't. Thanks for visiting my blog today. I pray that as you share with the girls, God's words flow through you. Many blessings, Mandi!

Jenifer said...

Wonderful List! Family time together is so precious!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Mandi--this makes me so happy for you!!! Seeing you feeling great and enjoying family together are answers to prayer! We're at family camp and totally loving the Hindal clan that's here! They love you a lot and give glowing praises of you as a mom and wife! ;)