Thursday, March 28, 2013

All of the sudden it was Spring.

We made it. {Sigh}
Today was a real life warm and springy day! At one point the minivan told us it was 54! We will take it. Because my kiddos are excellent nappers we didn't make it outside until later in the day, but even just the last few hours were wonderful.

I have to giggle while looking back over the pics I snapped. My girls are just too cute. Even after a looong day of whining and discipline - it's these smiley faced moments that make it all so worth it.

My littlest has formed some STRONG opinions on clothing here recently. She wants to pick out her shoes every day and loves accessorizing. :) At least they match!

There is something so funny and adorable about watching them dig in the dirt... especially while wearing a bike helmet. Hee Hee. :)

Ah, Spring...
We've been waiting on you for a long time. Thank you Lord for the first of many sunny fun days ahead.

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Angie said...

Our temps are supposed to hit the 50's this weekend and I can't wait. Love all your pics. Hope you all have lots more sunny days in the near future :)