Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Changin' it up

We moved into this house over 3 years ago. It's such a blessing to be a home owner and enjoy raising a family in a place all your own. I'm so very thankful for the Lord's provision! :) We've made many memories here and plan on making more as soon as Spring get's here. (Jusssst kidding)

But, there's this issue I have with being afraid to change anything. So, we have walls of white in lots of rooms in this home. Which isn't a bad thing. Plenty of people enjoy that color and low maintenance. I, however, am not one of those people. So year after year as I looked at my white walled bathroom I just wanted to pull my hair out - it's so... plain! But we really don't have a big decorating budget, and, I'm not even sure what colors would be great for a bathroom. Since we moved in the room has looked like this -

White walls, white baseboards, white white white. So why not pair that with a PALE rug on a pale floor and pale green shower curtain?! {blech} 

This weekend I made a few changes and hopefully in a few weeks we'll have some color on those walls. Here are the changes for now - can you tell I have a favorite color?! ;) 

It's kinda fun to change things up a bit! 

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