Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tasks... a whole list of 'em.

I have this great cardboard-like folder with a clipboard on the front of it. It's a cute green and blue floral design and came with a lined notepad inside. I think it was on clearance at Target sometime last year so I grabbed it - thinking it would be the CURE of my disorganization around the house and life. I've used it a lot - half my notebook is gone already. But, instead of home and life organization type things... it's been for grocery lists, gift lists, doodles for my 4 year old, or me drawing a new room layout. You know, mom things. :)

Two weeks ago on an especially freezing cold and snowy afternoon I sat down and made one huge ginormous list of everything that I want or need done in this home, project-wise. The list includes things like:
-touch up paint on the stairway
-make/buy small curtain for bathroom
-deep clean baseboards
-curtain off blue toilet in the basement

Good and important tasks that really DO need done. And soon. But, wouldn't you know that this task list has just sat and sat and only a few things have actually been scratched off. :/ I'd love to blame busyness, and yes, we have had some crazy weekends and days...but, the truth more often is that I just don't have the ZEAL to dig in and get 'er done. Blah.

But, today I opened it up and the sun is shining again and maybe, just maybe... I can cross off a few more things this week. Or next ;)

In my defense... I do have these super cute distracations. Seriously, how does a momma resist a 1 year old wearing an old fashioned bonnet while making silly faces? LOVE!

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Lanora said...

Oh Mandi! I do the SAME THING! Except mine is digital... I leave a note-pad on my laptop with a to-do list, either daily or monthly.... and some how 'Clean House', 'Clean Bathrooms', 'Put Away laundry' just never seem to get "scratched" off... :-/

Oh well :) I love the idea of the notebook too... and I think your bunting in your previous post is adorable!