Monday, March 4, 2013

Happy Homemaker Monday

First, let me just say THANK YOU to Miss Sandra for this encouraging picture above. I always love her HHM pics, but this one just really gears me up for all things sunshine and picnics! :) 

The crazy weekend is over and it's time for another week. My husband stayed home this morning and blessed my socks off. I'm so thankful for him. Our youngest woke up at 4:15am. I rocked her and laid her back down and then she woke up again at 5:30. At this point I just tucked her into bed with us...where I lie there feeling every jostle and kick to my side. Eventually dozed off only to feel the precious one poking me in the face saying "nack", which if you read yesterday...means "EAT". Hideously early morning {after staying up TOO late watching Duck Dynasty. I'm hooked.}.
Anyway, hubs let me nap on the couch while he took care of everything. He fed the first born, played with both children, brought me coffee on my couch bed later, changed diapers,  and then my fave - took them both upstairs to do crafts while I watched an hour uninterrupted "Mad Hungry" while still on the couch. He really got me today - knew exactly what I needed. I love you, B!
I haven't divulged a lot of information about what's going on in my life - but I have hinted enough. Tomorrow my mom has surgery to remove uterine cancer. Even saying that word makes me shudder. And cry. I hate it. I hate seeing it even now on my screen. I just want to think that hitting delete would not only remove it here but... in my sweet mom. Would you join me in praying? Her surgery is tomorrow at noon EST. There are still some unknowns and not being able to be there with her is horribly difficult. But, even in that- the Holy Spirits' comfort is strong on me. I so appreciate your prayers. 

But now, on to the day. Happy Monday, fellow homemakers. :) 

The Weather:::
Ya know, I haven't even set a foot outside. Let's see - out my bedroom window the sun is trying to peek out from behind lots of GRAY. 

Right now I am:::
Finishing my 2nd cup of coffee with my Bailey's Brown Butter Pecan creamer. Don't judge. ;) 

Even in the midst of a crazy faith test... God is so kind. His mercies really are NEW every morning and He uses the body of Christ to meet such specific needs. Praise the Lord!

On my reading pile:::
Started "I used to be so organized" by Glynnis Whitwer this weekend. 
Charged the NOOK back up so might read through a Gooseberry Patch cookbook I got for FREE. 

On my tv::: 
We caught the last hour of "The Bible" via History channel last night. We might watch that off and on. 
Duck Dynasty - whenever I can find a new episode, or, anytime its on in the evenings. They are TOO funny. 

Favorite Blog post this week (mine or other):::
This story about a husband caught up in sin and the redeeming power of Christ in his life. Check out "Senseless" Here. 

Something fun to share:::
I'm not feeling particularly fun today. Especially with the impending surgery and the fact that I STILL have to finish our taxes. Boo to fun. {ok, kidding} But fun to share. 

On the menu for this week::: (linked a few if you'd like to use them)
Monday -  Corned beef & cabbage
Tuesday - Cottage Pie
Wednesday - left over night
Thursday -  Chicken pesto Pizza
Friday - Sausage Pizza Piena
Saturday - Tortilla casserole
Sunday - Sausage scalloped potatoes

On my to do list:::
Taxes. Gag.
Start some laundry
general tidy of the downstairs
mop kitchen floor
fill out March calendar, menu plan, and day planner {but I love all three of those to do's!}

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
Well, I'm working on writing up a book review for "The Hole in our Holiness". Which, is a kind of creating. :) It's taking more brain power then I thought as I'm really thinking through so much of what Kevin DeYoung had to say about holiness. So good! 

Homemaking Tips:::
Don't ever let your children play with Uno cards. 
But seriously...
the dollar tree sells some super cute plastic shoe boxes which are the perfect size to store toy sets. My girls have THREE minnie mouse sets and I can fit all three minnie's, two minnie scooters and ALL her hairbows into one box. It's tidy and they can put it away themselves. All for a buck! 

Looking around the house:::
Hubs made the bed. Man, he's good! 
My bedrooms windows need some serious attention...but I refuse until it's done snowing. 

From the camera:::
My biggest girl so enjoying her big girl class at church. With her best buddy since she was 6 months old.

On my prayer list:::
My mom, Toni. All day today and tomorrow.
Brother making life decisions.
Husband in ministry.
Wisdom in parenting.

Bible verse, Devotional:::
I'm attaching a link to my husbands message on Sunday from Acts 4. He did a great job reminding us that generosity is a commandment to believers! 


The Sneaky Mommy said...

Mandi, I am so sorry! My mom had uterine cancer about seven years ago. That diagnosis and leading up to surgery was so tense for us as we didn't know if the cancer had spread into the lymph nodes or if it was contained. Thankfully, it was contained just to her uterus. I will be praying for you and your mom as often as I can remember to tomorrow! I'm so sorry there are so many miles separating you. Thank goodness for wonderful technology--I hope you'll be able to feel connected tomorrow!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Praying for your mama today!!

And loved Brad's message on Sunday -- we always look forward to hearing him speak! Although he's so good at it, it makes me sad because I feel like that means he won't be our youth pastor forever ;)