Tuesday, March 26, 2013

When the amazing falls in your lap. Quite literally.

Several days ago I was messaging back and forth with a long-time-ago friend on facebook. She's about 12ish hours away from where I live and our connection is a small town camp we both worked at one summer during the college years. I haven't seen her in person since then, I don't think. Seeing how I turn 31 in a few months... it's been a while. :) We chatted about ministry stuff and hard times our families had gone through recently. It's such a comfort to know people who go before you in a circumstances and can share their experiences and hopes. Anyway, it was a nice to sorta "catch up" via virtual world.

Long story short... this happened this week.
And an amazing case to boot. {sigh}

The UPS man opened the front door and plopped it on the rug. It would be a big fat lie to say I didn't jump up and practically run to the door. {blush} Because... I knew it was coming. In our chats this friend had mentioned "the gift" was on its way and how the Lord had moved in her heart to give. It felt like childhood and the days leading up to Christmas morning and all those shiny, bright, wrapped packages. The expectation. I was giddy for days and days. My kids looked at me like I was nuts. :) No regrets. Show that joy and anticipation, mommas!

So I'm sitting on my couch yesterday opening my box with shaking hands because I'm so excited... and I just hold it and the tears start to blind over my eyes a little. Because what you don't know is how I've always and forever wanted a nice camera. Always. But it's never been a real option for us as usually in this house food and bills take the priority. :) And now I'm crying out my thanks to God and my deep amazement at this friends generosity to me. I'm speechless and overjoyed and don't even know where to begin. How God uses His children blows my puny mind. I can't even grasp it. But I'm SO overwhelmingly thankful for it! If this friend were sitting next to me - I would have hugged her a million times. Instead I prayed out thank you's and asked blessings on her and her family. And why not... as she had just brought so much joy and blessing to me!?

Next, I did what any amateur gal with a gleaming new camera would do...
I took pictures of my messy house and pile of dirty laundry near the stairs. But, oh, how amazing it all looked in this fancy zoomed in way! I played with that thing for the rest of the day with the biggest, cheesy, goofy, grin on my face. And even more then the "thing"... the grin on my face remains as I realized how the Lord has provided AGAIN. How He continues to show me time after time that He cares and He knows my heart and desires. And now I'm fueled to be that person to someone... bless the socks off of some unsuspecting person. Look out world. I'm replenished, I'm refreshed, I'm thankful. And...still grinning ear to ear, silly thankful for that friend far away who took the time and effort to refresh me down to my very soul. You know who you are - and I am humbled.

Here are some of the first shots with Momma's new toy :)

{techy heads!}

{you know "grumpy cat", well, I have my own version.}

Sing Praise! The amazing has come to the Pausley home :) 


Lindsay said...

So excited for you, Mandi! What a blessing!

Sandra said...

What a wonderful blessing :)

I know you'll enjoy that camera immensely :)