Thursday, March 7, 2013

Heavy Days & the Silver linings

My mom continues on with her time in the hospital. Her surgery on Tuesday has come and gone but small complications still remain. Even though I'm not there I know she is weary. So my heart is heavy for her and we continue to pray the Lords healing...

In the mean time - more heaviness. One of our pastors has had a heart attack and is in the hospital. So we wait and we pray and we hope and whisper pleas to our God.

Throw in other sad news from all over the place... so many heavy days.

And yet, the silver linings and the golden moments are all around me:
-toddler playing dress up looking a hot mess and simply adorable
-hugs from a very grumpy 4 year old after several days of nonstop grumps and disobedience
-cell phones to reach family far away
-husband sleeping in after a busy ministry night
-attempting spring cleaning and realizing your own bounty {aka: excess...we'll deal with that one later}
-friends having babies left and right! Ahhhhh newborns!
-making meals for said friends and finding so much joy in serving
-secret new pregnancies and hope for the future :) -not me...yet!
-birds doing all kinds of chirping and reminding me SPRING is coming
-EASTER this month!
-new creamer for the ol' cuppa joe first thing
-success in the diet for at least a whole day
-smoothies, with avocado. Haven't tried it? You must!
-blog reads about silly things like deals and books and etc. Lightness.
-freedom to pray, turn off the news and think TRUTH.

What are your silver linings today?

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