Sunday, March 3, 2013

If I were being honest...

It has been a rough couple of days. My children have been disobedient in every way, my husband has been very busy with all thing ministry - meaning lots of hours at home alone, for me, with said disobedient children. I have a sensitive family issue "back home" where I grew up that I am feeling SO far away from. Helplessness comes to mind. I'm feeling disconnected from friends and due to the seemingly endless amount of snow we keep getting... I'm about a day away from pulling my hair out. Or, just crying. Yes, crying would be much more manageable.

But you know...
It really is ALL good. And life goes on. The snow will eventually stop {in June. I kid, I kid!} and my children will grow up and ministry will slow down at least for a day or afternoon. Even on these crazy difficult days there are always things to give thanks for.

#1 - super cuddly {almost} 2 year old.
Give this girl an afghan and she'll cuddle you all day. I found her hiding in big sisters bed this weekend, with big sisters special afghan. Sneaky little thing. I couldn't help myself...had to join in the comfy snuggling.
She has started talking and we hear the funniest things!
-"wheats" : what she asks for EVERY morning for breakfast. Meaning, frosted mini wheats.
- when you say her name or tell her to look at something, she turns her head and very directly says, "What?". Semi sassy... we'll need to work on that one.
- "Go pay" is her way of saying she's done with whatever we are doing and wants to play
- "teets" : wants to brush her teeth
- "bane-tee" : how she says blankey
- "pea" : we watch the Veggie Tales "Sweet pea beauty" almost every day as it is her FAVE. She says it over and over and over until you give in ;)
- "My mommy, my daddy, see-see, Auddi" : how she talks about our family. This is my favorite thing she says right now. She just loves to list off everyone around her.
- "read" as she plops down onto your lap with a good book
- "nack"...fruit snacks or eating in general. She wakes up saying this word.

Love that kid. So thankful for her! {tear} cannot believe she'll be two soon!

This weekend while daddy was away we had a girls ice cream night @ home. We swung by McD's and grabbed 3 snack size Mcflurries - one in each flavor. I let the girls choose what they wanted. Ava chose the Oreo and August chose M&M's flavor. They thought it was so fun to eat ice cream so late at night... I learned the hard way about too much sugar before bed. But it was fun at the time. :) Live and learn.
Life is busy and the temptation is to just put your head down and "get through it". I don't want to live like that. I want to be aware of whats going on around me. Asking the Lord this week to help me keep my eyes on Him and His creation {that includes people!}. 

And now, let's see if we will get that snow storm they are forecasting tomorrow, or not. No matter what.. EYES UP. 

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