Sunday, April 28, 2013

A lil' redo

Oh, how the Lord is always providing for us :) I could {and am} write every single one of these blessings down! I can't wait for my children to one day sit and read all about how our God has provided for us - in BIG and little ways.

A few months ago we were given this big ol' dresser. August would need one once we moved the changing table out of her room {sniff sniff tear} - and we weren't sure where one might pop up. The very same day I was thinking about this I saw a couple from church giving one away on FB. Yippee! I didn't even care what it would look like because, you see, I had plans involving lots of mini cans of pink paint.

Here is the before, and please don't mind our filthy old garage ;)

And here is what I was able to finish up this afternoon -
I wanted it to be a little more ombre, instead of the bottom four basically looking like the same color...but, it works for now! Eventually we'll fix that last handle that WILL NOT come off, and we'll sand down and repaint the outer white part, and then find CUTE knobs. But, it works, will fit ALL of the little's clothes and I can't wait to put it in her room. :) The best is that it cost $0!

Next on my to - do list...

This beauty. She has been sitting and sitting and sitting, just waiting for some attention. In the fall I gave it a really good deep clean that has now been undone by a season in the garage :( I have pinned almost every single buffet idea from pinterest and I still cannot decide what I really want to do to it. It's in rough shape so I don't think leaving it in the natural state will work. What would YOU do?

Before I end this post today. Exciting news! As of tomorrow, April 29th, 2013 our home is FOR SALE. We have been waiting and waiting and praying and thinking - and have decided to step out in faith and see what the Lord will do. Pray with us for a quick sale? We have really seen and felt the need to be closer to our church and are asking the Lord to move us there. He'll have to do it - because we are so incapable! 

What a great Sunday! Enjoy yours!

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