Tuesday, April 9, 2013

An online find, or two. :)

Hi friends :) I'll spare you from the millions of pics I've been sharing lately. Can you tell that I adore my new camera?! What fun I've been having with it! Ah, what a blessing...still gives me goosebumps!

I wanted to share something I read online today, especially if you have daughters - it's fantastic and kinda made me tear up a bit. The post is called, "24 ways to prepare your young girl to become a lovely woman", and was from the blog "Club 31 Women". Check it out here.

I haven't gotten to dig into the blog a ton yet, so I'm not sure what else is there - but, was so encouraged by that post! And, I needed this reminder and know I'll need it again and again. :)

And on a totally different note...
Back to my new "toy". I think I'm going to jump on board and take this "challenge" here soon! Though, I might tweak it a bit.
Anyone wanna jump on board with me? :)

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