Thursday, April 4, 2013

Legos: I blame myself.

If you peruse pinterest at all you may have seen funny quotes and pics like these:

Angry quote. #lego #mean #quote 

So then it begs the question...
Why, WHY? Why did I purposely choose to purchase Legos for my eldest child this Easter? Knowing what could happen?!
In the span of 5 hours she had already managed to lose the "main character" piece, and have at least 3 meltdowns over not being able to do the  building herself....

I'll admit I was rethinking my decision of willingly putting my family into this position. 

But then, after Momma found the lost piece, worked through the booklet for 40 minutes, and showed little miss just how to do things... 
We have these moments. 

She's so busy she doesn't even have time to look up for a pic :)
Never mind the endless "thank you momma for my lego's" hugs, and continued exclamation of how they are her "most favorite toys!". 

Oh, I'm sure the days will come where I dread scooping up one more lego to put away. How my feet will groan as I step on a tiny, microscopic sharp edged piece {again}. But, my girl is happy and we are learning together. 


The Sneaky Mommy said...

So cute! After awhile your feet just get calloused to the sharp square objects. :)

Lindsay said...

Very brave! But sweet memories!