Saturday, April 6, 2013

Florida: Part 1

Tonight I'm sitting on the floor of my in-laws house. The men are watching basketball, my children are asleep, and it's a calm Saturday night. We have officially spent our first full day here in Florida. It's good! I'm not sure if I'll do many posts while down here, but, we'll call this part 1 just in case. :)

After waking up at the bright and cheery hour of 3:30am yesterday, stepping into the airport at 4:30 and onto a plane at 6 - most of the day was a blur. The girls did a fantastic job of traveling and baby girl even slept for almost the entire second flight! My biggest girl did struggle with her motion sickness - and we are looking into new options as the Sea Bands don't seem to cut it anymore. :/

This morning I sat on the back porch with a hot cup of coffee, my bible,  and... wait for it... this. 
Yes folks. It's glorious, warm, wonderful sun! What an awesome way to start the day. Never mind that I sat right next to a papaya tree, or got to hear the sweet giggles of two well rested and excited little munchkins. :)

 {early game of throw the golf ball, anyone?!}

The papaya tree...and a very curious big girl.

So anyway. Days 1 1/2 are in the bag.
Yesterday while we were still in the Orlando area we made a pit stop at a place called Disney Downtown. It's kind of like the real Disney...only, FREE! Lots of store fronts and even a carousel ride. I learned a few things. 1) My kids are still a little young for Disney, if we even ever go. 2) Life is more enjoyable if you are rested. Blessings to my MIL for entertaining our extremely cranky 4 year old while we were there. 

My handsome traveling companion :)
 Legos! Our newest exploration.
 Little one loving so many "babies". Look at the bags under those tired eyes!
 This is the face of sheer grump-o-ness. Good thing she's cute!
 Little and Papa watching "pish" at Rain Forest Cafe.
 -> this is actually at the airport, but, keeping with the theme, thought I'd share. :)

Happy Saturday and here's to a great week!

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