Sunday, April 7, 2013

Florida: part 2

It's been kind of a rough day for this gal. I'm beat. Tired. Drained.
My girls are out of sorts, to say the least, and my brain hurts just remembering how the day went. It felt like we went from one tantrum to the next to the next to the next... you read me. Even after a 3+ hour nap - still, difficult.

But, it's still Florida. It was a hot and sunny day and I still have reason to praise and give thanks!

Like, these guys. Teeny, little, lizards that just scamper around. They are so cute, kinda.
And, so much beauty in creation. Even the patterns on the palm trees make me smile.

And, most of all - this guy. 
He's by my side and working with me all the time. He is a gift and I love him.
Obviously the angle on this shot is not ideal. But, while the girls were napping it was fun to snap a pic of just the two of us. :) 

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