Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Homemaker Monday :)

Happy Homemaker Monday
It was a high stress and partially high drama weekend for us here in Iowa. The combination of a super busy time in life and then...dropping hubby's iphone in the kitchen sink {full of Dawn!} made for some tension. But Grace abounds and we made it and are even better on this side of it! :) Happy Monday to you. We spent the morning walking a local bike trail and stopping for a picnic lunch! What a GREAT start to a GREAT week! 

The weather.....
We finally made it back to the 70's! Glorious spring weather! I cannot believe a week ago today we were watching big fat snow fall. 

Right now I am....
Finishing my morning cup of coffee that is on it's 2nd time being nuked. {gag} Why do I do this to myself?! I have the windows open and planning in my head what I want to accomplish most while the children nap. 
During our family walk this morning a bird... left it's "mark" on me. Ew! That hasn't happened in years. It's funny now... not so much at the moment. 

On my reading pile....
I'm SO SO SO enjoying "God's and Kings" by Lynn Austin, still. Have spent a couple late nights up with it, and this morning hubby let me read in bed for 40 mins as I was in the "thick" of the story. It's so great! I love the biblical history in it. 

On my TV.....
Off. Ah, sounds good.

What I found while surfing the net....
Excited about this new question! But, mine is a blog post, still :) I've mentioned September McCarthy's blog a few times before - and her post last week really hit me in a good way. "It's the little things" reminded me how to really take hold and ENJOY these days with my children. So good! 

Check it out here. 

On the menu for this week....
Confession: hoping to pinch pennies and eat from the cupboards and freezer this week. 
Monday: Spaghetti and leftover Broccoli-cauliflower salad. <---this a="" gooseberry="" nbsp="" patch="" recipe="" span="" was="" yummy="">
Tuesday: Pancakes
Wednesday: not sure
Thurdsday: Meal with potential new youth leaders, so, something yummy! 
Friday: Not sure.
Saturday: Graduation open house for brunch! Then off to MN for a fun weekend trip! 
Sunday: Something in MN! 

How's that for some LAME menu planning! 

On my to do list....
General housework
Some bible reading
Clean out and vacuum the van {she's seen cleaner days!}
Pack up excess stuff and bring out a few nice spring decorations.

In the craft basket....
Have just a few feet left of yarn on my baby blanket - it's the size of a scarf! Progress! 

Looking forward to this week....
Monday - Going to one of our seniors band concerts with a fellow youth leader! {and coffee!}
Tuesday - Taking the girls to a local park
Wedneday - Play group in the morning
Thursday - 5am prayer and then a trip to the library with a friend and her girls! 
Friday - family day
Saturday - heading to weekend trip!
Sunday - same!'s MOTHERS DAY! 

Looking around the house....
It's not pretty. The girls were playing so well the last few days so every toy possible is out. Bedroom has some clothes to put away. Everything needs a good dusting. 

From the camera....
My big girl :) Cheesin' it up at church! 

On my prayer list.....
Trip this weekend, for safety and just a great time with these special students and leaders.
That our house would SELL quickly! 
Praying we get accepted into a student loan repayment plan to help us make the pennies stretch a little more. 
To glorify the Lord with how we live, in and out of the public eye! 

 Bible verse, Devotional....
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Angie said...

I've always heard when a bird leaves it's mark on you it's good luck so maybe that means your going to have a good week! We can hope at least.

Sandra said...

I chuckled at the bird thing because a few years back, we were at a dinosaur museum and Utah and I got bombarded by birds. No joke, it was like a paintball fight LOL

Hope you have a good, and non stress filled week :)