Thursday, May 23, 2013

Serving my family...with joy.

I needed the reminder this morning from the book of Philipians. Chapter 2 tells us-

" Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves,  not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others." (vs 3-4)

Is it just me or are young children SUPER needy, SUPER urgent in all things, and SUPER selfish? By the end of some days I am one fried momma. My husband can attest to this! And while I don't have it all figured out {not even close...} I am learning that humility and selfLESSness on my end go a long way. I'm learning this after failing at it - time and again. 

My children like to drag out the bedtime routine. I'm sure we are not unique in this. But I will admit that it absolutely drives me crazy! I can have a great and victorious day of being patient and tender all day long...but when bed time comes, it's time. I can feel the cord on the dynamite burning down if things take too long. Relate? Bedtimes in the last month have been difficult and after the doors close there is usually crying and grumpiness from kiddos and mom and dad. It's not a fun time. I guess I always dreamed that bed times would be those magical connector times at the end of a fun day where I whisper sweet lullabies in my babies ears, and tuck them in as they doze off. My reality is an opinionated 4 year old who flips on a dime to full tantrum mode if every single thing isn't just exactly her way, a 2 year old who wants extra rocking chair and cuddle time accompanied by endless singing of "Jesus Loves me" and "Twinkle Twinkle" and a momma who just wants to throw herself on the couch and sleep. I'm tired! My patience runs dangerously thin at these moments. And while my husband is a great help - my girls just really, REALLY, prefer momma to do the majority of the rocking, singing, and kissing goodnight right now. I'm happy to do it... just, some days are harder then others. 

This week I have started praying with them before I say goodnight. We get our rocking and talking out of the way - and then we talk to God. I'm amazed at how it calms them, especially my testing 4 year old. They listen and I know the Lord hears. I've been praying for their salvation and obedience in all things. They hear me ask that. I'm exhausted, like I said, but it has been so worth it to serve them this way - in giving the last part of their day to the Lord, just as we start the first of it at breakfast in prayer. And oh the lessons momma learns when she is on her knees before the Lord praying over her babies.

The Lord brings joy. As I grow in this thing called motherhood I'm learning and understanding the value in serving with humility. I still blow it all the time - and God is good and gracious to me. I'm so thankful this morning for the reminder and command to serve and look for the interests in my family first. We can do this! Praise the Lord for his example and ruling in our lives.

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