Wednesday, May 15, 2013

When the itty bitty turns 2

What I cannot believe is that my itty bitty little baby girl {who was born weighing 9lbs 2oz} turns 2 years old on Friday. I'm sorta in denial. 
She was born on her due date, after I had given up all hope on that.
She came quick and pretty easy, for which I am thankful.

She's been a momma's girl from the very beginning. 
And, I love it.

But, the problem is...
That she keeps growing up. And, oh, how it tugs on my heart strings.

And now... it's 2 years that have flown by. I'm so thankful for her health and smiles and beauty. She is a joy to my heart and life. But I still sniff and tear up thinking of how time is such a robber of days and how those days just seem to fly by.

August Hope, you are one of the biggest joys of my days. 
I love you baby girl. You are a gift and a reminder to this momma to slow down and enjoy the sillies. 
Happy Birthday this week! 

{excuse me while I go find the kleenex}

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