Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spring Time has come.

Hello Mr. Robin!

It may have taken a-while, but Spring made it. The temps are warmer, the birds are chirping, and leaves are starting to grow on our trees! 

We spent the morning yesterday enjoying God's creation on one of our local bike trails. We don't have bikes - but we have legs! So we loaded up a cooler full of picnic lunch stuffs, packed the stroller, laced up our tennis shoes and out the door we went. 
It was a PERFECT Spring day! 

After walking the trail for a bit we stopped and had a picnic lunch right here. 
Bugs buzzing, sun shining, just wonderful. 

Attempted a few family pics with the timer...
Attempt #1 - with the little telling me "tamera beeping"

Well, not bad for the second take!
And, most of all just enjoyed being outside! 
It was nice to get some exercise, too. 

While on the trail I found this crazy tree covered in huge, thick, thorns. I'm intrigued and hope to find out more about it. Can you imagine stumbling into this thing?

Anyone know anything about it? Crazy! 

From my home to yours... Happy Spring!

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"The Smelly Lady" said...

It's possible those trees are some sort of locust tree. Those thorns hurt pretty bad when you get poked. I think spring may finally be here too. Last week we had a day where it was 70 with rain and by 11pm the same day it was snowing. Crazy! :-)