Wednesday, May 1, 2013

31 day May challenge! {get yer camera's out!}

Happy May Day to you all! The sun is shining here and... it is... FREEZING! But, we won't focus on that today. Another month closer to summer and eventually we will warm up. :)

I've been so eager to really dive in and learn how to use my new camera. If you haven't read THE STORY about my camera - check it out here, first. Precious. Makes me smile all silly even while sitting here today. {grin} Ah, how good is our God?! So, yes, I've been itching to learn all the different buttons and settings and color options, etc. The list goes on with this thing! I've looked up a few helpful tips on websites, but basically have just been playing around with it. My beautiful children make great guinea pigs for this!

This is the challenge I'll be following - and I'll just jump right in with day 1.

But, can I just be reeeeeeeel honest here for a second? NOT A FAN of selfies, self ports, personal pose, whatever you want to call them. I'm not super excited about day one being a picture of myself. Boo. But, I'll take one for the team and make it fun anyway!

May 1- Self Portrait.

Ah, the frazzle, crazy hair, makeup-less face, hiding behind a mug of hot java. Yes! This is the morning routine! I went super low tech on this first picture, only using the auto setting on sepia color. Easy peasy. :)

And now, for you! I'm attempting {for the first time ever - grace please!} a link up. All you should have to do is link up your May photo challenge post at the bottom of this post here. I can't wait to see your selfies! :) Happy May day and keep those cameras ready!

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