Wednesday, May 8, 2013

.:Saying goodbye again:.

Last weekend we celebrated some very special people - our graduating high school seniors. It seems like a blur, these last 4 years...but sure enough, they have gone by. It's a basket of mixed emotions for me. This was the first class we have had for all 4 years of highschool. As I shared with my girls during our last cell group date at Chili's :

- I remember the first time they drove into the church parking lot, alone.
- When braces came off
- Break ups and new flames
- Late night chats at retreats
- numerous coffee and restaurant dates
- valleys and mountaintops
- Baptisms and life changes
- ACT's, SATS, plays, basketball and volleyball games, band concerts, new jobs...


So Friday night as I sat and watched them I couldn't help but just let my eyes mist over. 4 precious years. And now we send them out to be adults, we say our goodbyes. {P.S. I cannot imagine doing this with my own dear children someday...}

And, I think everyone else had a good time celebrating our graduates, too. :)
The girls table {and my 1 year old}!
Some of our great leaders and teens
Hubs, bringing a great challenge! 
It's always hard to say goodbye to teens you love so much in your student ministry! But I'm thankful for the opportunity and I'm eager to see what the Lord does in each one of their lives! Congrats class of 2013!

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