Friday, May 24, 2013

It's official - that gene was not inherited.

We pulled into the parking lot of Hobby Lobby around 10:30 this morning. Found a front row spot. Smiled, parked, got out, walked in. The whole way over I had in mind all the things I wanted to try to spruce this place up a bit. Cute corner fillers, pretty framed things, crafty this and that. You know - all things Pinterest approved.  Honestly, since the for sale sign went in the front yard - the motivation has been lacking.
{tisk, tisk}
But, seeing how we are 3 weeks in and no offers... I figured I should get my act together and keep it beautiful for my fam. They are pretty worth it. :)

Two minutes into the store and I'm having heart palipitations in a bad way. As in, not excited, but feeling completely hopeless and about as un-crafty as they come. All my dreams and plans went right out the window as we passed the memorial day/July 4th aisle. {and, off record.. WHY on earth is the fall stuff out already?!}

All the things I thought would be so simple as I read them on the computer screen now seemed like preparing for a marathon, impossible for me.

We walked out with ONE single piece of patriotic scrap book paper and a bunch of greenery for my kitchen pitcher decoration. {flumpph} Man I felt like such a loser. It's totally confirmed that in fact I did NOT receive the creative gene, not even a drop. My brain shuts down upon entering those kinds of stores - like the smell of acrylic paints and silk plants flips a switch or something.

Well, at least I can wash the dishes and tidy this place up. That's as "cute" as it's getting today. Perhaps later I'll live vicariously through some of the pinners I've been following. Yea, that sounds pretty acurate.

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Lindsay said...

I'm the same way! I have to have a very detailed list and exact plans for certain projects before walking into Hobby Lobby or I'll either walk out with nothing or with a whole bunch of uselessness!