Thursday, February 20, 2014

Documenting a Morning.

We are watching a storm blow in!

It started this morning as fog, then a light rain, then the fun stuff. Mini ice balls! 

My girls thought this was the coolest thing, ever. We collected some and I let them eat 'em up - even more cool. Seriously, I'm up for an award for that one. :) 

The hail has now turned into big, fat, fluffy, snowflakes and it's steadily coming down. As most of you already know (and don't roll your eyes), I love it. I love that there is no where to go and nothing to do aside from being home. Warm and cozy. It's a fuzzy slippers and sweat pants kinda day and it was just the thing this tired momma needed. The goobers stayed in their jammies and dress up clothes all morning and I plan to lay them down for naps in exactly the same thing they woke up in. 

As a special snow day treat - my biggest girl and I made Gingersnaps, daddy's favorite cookie!

She loves the hands on activity part and I love the one on one, which she seems to so desperately need... all...the...time. 

Nothing terribly exciting, but a morning to enjoy for sure. So thankful for these children, this warm home, and the little blessings along the way. 

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