Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Life on the river... wait, you didn't know we had one?!

It's 51 degrees today in Iowa, so all the snow we've been getting...and getting...and getting has started a slow melt. Normally not a big deal and super exciting to be reminded about what grass looks like, right? That is - until you look into your back yard and admire the small river you've acquired over the course of a few days. And then the panic button sounds as you realize what you just thought... "what a nice river... in our yard?!".

It's our first pre-spring in this new house and so in all honesty we have NO idea what to expect once the real melt down begins. I may have had a mini-freak out thinking this was our septic tank exploding or something. My hubby assures me it's not. {whew!} So, for now we get to enjoy this beautiful river flowing right through the back yard. My 2 year old thinks its the best thing in the world. It certainly compliments the river in our driveway, too! I feel like an island almost.
And what's this I hear? A blizzard coming again this weekend? Well, then we can all go ice skating! :) Ah, life on the river... it's beautiful.

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