Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine Style & Sharing daddy.

I've never been one of the non-sugar moms. Maybe I should be, but I'm not. Especially because 1) I enjoy sugary things myself  and 2) I just kinda think...all things in moderation makes more sense. And when it's the week of a very fun, very pink and red, very great Holiday - we take a few extra liberties with our sugar. :) This girl (above) was enjoying a package of M&M's she got at cell group last night, while it was all of 8am this  morning. {sigh} Oh, and I know you appreciate my open and disorganized coat closet and pile of coats on the floor. That's how we roll, people. That is how we roll. 

Today was deemed Valentine prep day so the girls and I were out the door early this morning to pick up the needed essentials and set to work. 1:39pm now and I have two napping girls, a calm messy house, and this bowl of chocolate literally screaming my name from the dining room. 
I'd say it's been a pretty profitable morning by the looks of things around here. 
I'll let the pictures do the telling. :) 
 One of the many construction paper heart garlands we'll have hanging up. 
 I love my 2 year olds "writing". She hunkers down reeeeel close to the paper like she's focusing in on each letter. Adorable.
 Goodies for my teen girls tonight! :) All packed up pretty and ready to bless! 
 Valentine crafting station #1. And our special lunch of Lunchables. 
(I added blueberries to round it out, ya know). 
Craft station #2 for all the homemade pictures, scribbles and testings crafts the 5 year old invents. 
She's amazing.

We finished our busy morning by watching Angelina Ballerina's "Be my Valentine" movie. Eh, it was ok. At the risk of sounding like one resistant to change... I prefer the old Angelina to this new hip-hop-whatever they show now. :) Valentine prep day has come to a close. Because my husband is a pastor - from time to time our special holiday celebrations get to be celebrated earlier or at different times, due to his schedule. Last night we had our Mommy/Daddy date night out for some yummy vietnamese food. While it's not always easy - I ty to explain to my girls that we get this really great opportunity to share daddy sometimes, so that other people can learn about or see Jesus working. Brad will be working at a middle school retreat this weekend about an hour or so away and won't be home until Sunday afternoon. The girls, especially Ava, is starting to pick up on the idea of "Sharing daddy". And when I sit and think about it real hard - I just cry. What a sweet life we have that my husband gets to go out, share Jesus, love on teens, and be poured out like that. How could I not rejoice?! {well, trust me, I don't always...}We are happy to share our daddy this weekend, Valentines weekend, and celebrate at home with just us. I have some special things on the menu for the girls - including french toast roll ups for dinner, and maybe even letting the bigger one camp out on my floor again in her cool sleeping bag. I'm also really hoping (and praying) for an opportunity to have the girls sit down with me so we can talk about God's love for us - the reason we celebrate this fun holiday. :) 

On a totally unrelated note:
While shopping this morning I noticed newborn diapers were on clearance for $7/pkg. While I still have several weeks left before we'll need them... I couldn't resist. I had forgotten how tiny they start out. We mom's forget this as we are potty training these seemingly huge 2 year olds. Ha! I just held this little thing and got all misty eyed thinking of how grateful we are for this new girl coming our way, her tiny bottom, and the life change ahead of us. 
Happy Valentines week and weekend to you all! 

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