Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Little Interrupter.

This girl has a special radar that she was born with. She could be playing quietly on another floor of our house, outside on the swing set (in the summer) or even napping, but it seems that as soon as I brew a cup of coffee and sit down with my bible -

One could argue that I could get up earlier to have my reading time or stay up late if I really wanted the quiet. But honestly, she has become a part of my daily routine in this way and I love it. {grin} What a sweet and precious gift our children are!

I've been doing so much thinking about my children recently and sometimes I just end up in a hot mess of tears. Wondering if I've used the time wisely thus far and if I'm doing damage to them with how I live my life. Sometimes these are silly emotion-filled moments that thankfully I can just preach to myself and move on, but sometimes I really do wonder. Am I doing any of this right?! When we found out this new baby is another girl I cried... mostly because I find myself questioning if I'm even good at teaching little girls how to grow into young women?! I never feel up to the task and I see my failures so very often. Then I remember our sovereign God and His work in my life - and His promise to finish what He's started in me. And I remember that these precious girls are in His hands and He loves them and has a plan for even them. Then I can breathe again.

Today I'm thankful for another snowy day to be "stuck" at home with my little girls. This time next year I'll have one in Kindergarten, a 3 year old, and a wee babe... a whole new world. So we'll take today and give thanks!

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