Thursday, February 13, 2014

Turn off the discontent box... and WOOT, a project finished.

This afternoon I was feeling pretty sleepy, even after getting to sleep in this morning. I'm sure it's just baby growing away in there making me feel the drowzies - so I got all cozy on the couch with my 10 favorite blankets {don't judge} and the TV remote. I enjoy the HGTV channel and can usually find a few minutes of something interesting before I close the eyes and doze, and today was no different. There is a new show called "Flip or Flop" where this young couple buys foreclosures, fixes them up with high end materials, and flips them - thus making a fortune. They make it look so easy and the longer I watched the more I noticed myself feeling discontent with where I live. Oh, granite this and that. Soaker tub in the master bath. Pool in the back yard and what's that you say?... a hot tub under a fancy side porch. Well by all means, yes please. What makes this more interesting is that I have ZERO interest in granite, pools or even soaker tubs at this point in my life because all I can see is... you guessed it, more work. Ha! I gave the show a few more minutes and realized I was just laying there having a pity party at the {wait for it} STAGING in the house they were selling as compared to my modestly decorated home. Bah! So I turned it off. What's more is I decided to get up and DO something, anything. I know myself well enough to forecast an even bigger pity party if my surroundings didn't change and QUICKLY. Am I alone in this? We watch these shows and sink into a discontent, pouty, pathetic person instead of looking around and seeing the HUGE blessings that we live in. The very story of how we got and moved into this house is an amazing God story by itself. Oh how evil these bodies of flesh can be. So my advice for today is simply this, turn off the discontent box. :)

Which leads me to this - my FINISHED project! A few days ago I shared a picture of what I was hoping to do as far as a curtain for my over the sink kitchen window. It's not perfect or even HGTV-worthy, and maybe that's why I feel so happy about it! Hard work, some sweat {yes... even that}, and frustration equals a product made with love. It has a story and adds just the right touch in my kitchen.
 I took this pic with the flash off - because...well...the sun is shining and it's in the HIGH 30's today. Love the sunshine pouring in.
You can find a very cute tutorial and blog over at eleven Magnolia Lane here. She has such cute ideas!
Hey, enjoy your day today! I'm heading to catch some more of this sun - even if it is just by sitting at the dining room table. :)

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