Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The doldrums of winter (and...baby 3 update)

February 4th and the sky is full of beautiful, falling, snow... again. I had read one of those Facebook articles that said Iowa would see snow every day for the next two weeks and I just chuckled. Seems people are starting to feel some cabin fever/snow crazy, and the snow just keeps falling. Kinda reminds me of the movie "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" when it snows for months and months.

We are doing ok here.  Even though I'm down to ZERO groceries and ZERO motivation to get groceries - we are enjoying a snowy morning at home (I will regret this at lunchtime!). My hubby left today for a trip to Chicago with our pastoral staff. He'll be gone until Saturday and I actually cried when he walked out the door. It's been a while since I've done that. Blame the doldrums of winter, two busy kids, and preggo hormones. :)

My eldest seems to take after me in that she's emotional. She is especially fond of her daddy and it's harder for her to go days and days without him. So after daddy left we turned the dining room table into a craft zone and the girls set to work. They have been on a "Brave" kick so I scoured Spotify and found some new Irish and Scottish music to work by. It was a quick and easy distraction, thankfully! And now daddy has a stack of cards to come home to.

Yesterday we got to have an ultrasound for baby #3 - it was a wonderful experience! We had a great tech who took extra time to get good pictures and was really chatty with us. Baby even gave us a big mouth open shot, a first for us to see! We had never gotten any shots like this one, either! Very exciting day. I love the little hand up rubbing the eye, precious.
This peanut is already a pound (and 4oz!) and was just as busy as can be moving all around. Don't you just love those lips?!? The tech also commented that she has never seen such long toes and fingers before on a 23 week old unborn child! (Thank you Pausley side...) We are in love.
And it looks like very soon my hubby will be even more outnumbered as we welcome BABY GIRL #3 in June! I can hardly believe it, still. I actually cried when we found out. And then cried because I felt bad about crying. I am so thankful for this little girl and can't wait to kiss those smoochy baby lips. Now to think about a girl name... well, at least we have time. :) And, all the clothes.

Winter rolls on and I suppose I should get out of these comfy Jammies and get something accomplished today. I just know that all too soon the crash of spring and summer busy is upon us, so maybe I'll sip the coffee a while longer, linger in my bible reading, and let the girls play in dress up dresses until nap time. Happy Tuesday, friends.

P.S. In the spirit of Valentines day, take a minute and go listen to the song "Together" by Steven Curtis Chapman. Ah, so good. Be prepared to cry - especially if your hubby is traveling and you won't see him for 5 days. {Sniff} I'm thinking of doing a giveaway this month of this album - if I can find it.
Am I the only one on earth who still listens to CD's?! :)

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Sandra said...

I had no idea you were expecting, congratulations on your precious little one.

Love the new ultrasounds, wish I had those when I was having my babies :)