Saturday, February 22, 2014

If I had a million dollars.

Years ago that annoying song by BNL (I can't even handle that bands name) came out with the catchy tune,
"If I had a million dollars, I'd buy yer looo-ooo-ooove". 

Carry on many verses and choruses peaking of buying ketchup packets and mini refrigerators, etc. If you aren't familiar - you aren't missing much. But growing up in the high school years it seemed to be on the radio, constantly. Ah, who said the 90's were all that bad!? :)

Anyway, after doing some browsing on some of my favorite shopping sites this morning - I have the chorus in my brain. Is it just me or did the cost of EVERYTHING go up substantially over the last 5 years?! Perhaps I'm just more sensitive to it now as I begin to plan and prepare for this June baby.

Browsing through this morning I was "oooohing" and "ahhhhing" over these darling little sets, and then remembering... oh yea, bottles. And onesies. Paci's. And we should probably splurge on a new baby tub as ours is... gross. So if we had a million dollars I might be tempted to go ALL NEW with this little one. Good thing we don't. A good thing there are a million other things we could spend a million dollars on - more important things. :)

These little laced trimmed bodysuits....


Or what about this fun pink and brown stroller?! We are having another girl, so it wouldn't be horrible to buy a PINK stroller, right?

But, back to clothes... I don't remember things being so cute 5 1/2 years ago with our 1st girl. And there was def NOT an anchor theme, which seems to keep catching my eye. And, furthermore... all these cute summer time clothes are making me itch a little for the sun.

So yea, if I had a million dollars set aside for just baby stuff I think I could find a way to use it all. :)
But since I don't and I do have the wonderful joy of having TWO girls who have come before - we'll be thrilled to use our bins of girls clothes again, and maybe splurge on one or two little things for little miss before she arrives. And hopefully I can figure out a nursery idea before she is here. Pinterest has been helpful, of course. I'm eager for some warmth to show up so I can work on painting and creating! Here's an idea I've found:
This nursery would be WAY different then the normal pink/brown I always do. But I keep coming back to it and something about it just gets my attention. I already have a small brown dresser, and our crib is brown - so it would be easy. I dunno.

But then I get back into my frugal thinking - we already have SO much pink and brown, it would be easy to just throw together a simple nursery and then add little touches. I even have that very ottoman that goes with the recliner rocker.
Pink and brown nursery 
 Fun to dream. Fun to plan. 

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