Friday, October 5, 2012

A shout out

 As everyone knows and can clearly see, the cost of food has exploded.
This can be especially overwhelming to those of us who are already on a tight budget. I know I mention Aldi frequently, and I acknowledge that even Aldi has had some prices that have blown up...but, this morning I need to give a shout out to the peeps for the quality, quantity and options they are offering during these economically tough times.

Just yesterday I came across a few fun surprises during my shopping trip - and even after picking up a few "extras", I couldn't believe that my total bill still came to only $70! {That's for a week of meals} Last month I was able to grab 2 weeks worth of food for around $60, and they were simple but great meals! Now, keep in mind. I have just two small children who eat the equivalent of food for 1 person per meal, and a hubby who usually doesn't go for seconds on anything. So we use leftover dinners for lunch the next day, often.

Here's why I so enjoy Aldi. For the love of Autumn flavors and all things pumpkiny delicious!
Pumpkin Pie yogurt!
Pumpkin Spice creamer! 
Cornbread Crackers... um, a new fave and def the BEST cracker I've ever had. 


How about this delish Butternut Squash pasta sauce?!


All of these are in my home and so far I am beyond impressed with the taste and quality! The best part is the price - WAY under the other stores costs! And, did I mention HUGE pumpkins at Aldi are only $2.99 right now!? Compare that to the $6 or $8 at other stores. No contest! 

And it's not just the seasonal things - tho, I am pumped about the .99 pumpkin ravioli I found in the freezer section, assorted bread mixes, pumpkin pancakes and sparkling apple cider. Aldi is now almost a one-stop-shop for me. They have a great variety of meats, produce, frozen and boxed foods. Their variety of artisan lettuce and cheeses is wonderful, too! 

My shout out ends with a note about the Aldi workers. Polite. Helpful. Personal. The people know who I am, who my children are, and what might help me out during my trips. My biggest girl has been allowed to choose a bouquet of fresh flowers to take home, been given treats, and even instructed by the cashiers when I was overwhelmed. {which, I appreciate!} 

A wonderful store. Great variety. Friendly workers. Completely in our budget! If you haven't taken the Aldi plunge yet - what are you waiting for?! Oh, and... remember to take your own bags :)


Rachel Ward said...

Those crackers look so good!! I am so scared to go to Aldi, but I keep hearing decent things...My husband is SOO picky though and eats really really healthy so its challenging...we always spend so much on groceries because it has to be the best quality.. :) I still should check it out. :)

becky said...

I'm loving my pumpkin spice creamer and aldi apple butter this week. I haven't tried the crackers..I'm sure they would be delish with chili! Yay Aldi!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Brace yourself... it's only EARLY October. When Oktoberfest gets into full swing ALDI is a wonderland of fall stuff!!! I was blown away last year.

It's also the ONLY store in my small town that is currently offering Pumpkin Spice Creamer - I snagged some yesterday (after searching for brand name ones at other stores here).