Thursday, October 25, 2012

For Generations.

There are some things happening in my personal life involving my sweet family that I am, for lack of a better word, just aching over. I'm 12 hours from them - my parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents {all of whom I still have}. 12 hours, 3 states away. Most of the time I'm ok with this - and knowing that when pennies are saved up, etc, I can swing in for a trip or they can come see me makes it easier. I'm content and happy here in our Iowa home and have found Iowa family and friends to warm the voided spots... Praise the Lord. But in these moments - when - I wish I was just a quick drive away, or next door, or in the next town... those are the hard times. And this week I'm having one of those times. It's a physical, sickening, ache. Feeling helpless and far away is miserable.

Life keeps on going. People are getting older. Health fades. And we see in real time the effects of sin and flesh on this earth, in our flesh. For maybe the first time in my life I realize how much older I am now. How my parents are older {and wiser} and now my grandparents are getting older. And maybe that sounds silly, of course even the word GRAND-parents implies age. But I've never thought of them or viewed them as old. They are just my grandparents. And I love them, have always loved them, treasured them, and now I miss them. I miss my family and this rainy, dreary day seems to feel my emotions with me as it drizzles and the trees creek beneath the wind. Seasons. Life has them. And it looks like we now enter a new one in our family... and I can't even put into words what that means, because, I don't want to see the words. But my father has.

My dad put up a facebook status the other day that read:

"An open note to my friends: There are FEW things in this world more important than what I am about to tell you, please listen.
To those of you who are less than 40, spend time getting to know your parents if you can. See them as not only your parents, but also as adults who are working their way through this life, too. (They had/have NO obligation to be your friend, for they are your parents 

that is sacred. However, no greater friendship can be forged in the fires of trust and respect than the one between senior parent and adult child. You will need to remember this as you grow old.) Look in the mirror, truly LOOK in that mirror, what do you see? Youth? Strength? Independence? Not so many years ago they did the same and saw the same things: "As you are now they once were, as they are now you will someday be."
I apologize for being wordy, but something are worthy of the time and effort."

With age comes wisdom...
So why then do I have the strong urge to curl up in a ball on my moms lap and cry like a baby?

Today I'm thinking about and praying for my family "back home" as they weather a new season and make decisions. I will rest in the Lords control and even though tears will fall I will have faith that God will carry us through this time. He has in generations past, and He will today. Great is His faithfulness. In the meantime, might I share a prayer request? Please pray for my grandpa - as far as we know he needs Jesus. And maybe that's what my heart aches about the most right now.

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